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Developing present we improve future

Azagro Holding LLC has been established for collecting holding's different brands under one trademark. Our main goal is to centralize the overall sales process, and to provide comfort and flexibility to our clients. Our continuous market research enables us to give competitive prices and having thorough control over each level of supply chain guarantees the supply of hight quality and fresh products. As a production and processing company, we let our partners to offer their own private labels, packaging, design and quantum they wish.

Shahdag beverages

«Shahdag» beverages are specially designed to highlight the popular and traditional tastes, symbolizing Azerbaijan, and promote them both in the domestic and foreign markets. Sweet soft drinks that meet the highest European standards are designed for those who like to discover more and more new facets of taste. The unique bright taste of «Shahdag» beverages is achieved through the use of natural fruit juice and puree in them, which adds the original flavors to the drinks and saturate them with healthy substances: vitamins and micro-elements. The non-alcoholic carbonated drinks are 100% natural, and made without adding of chemical preservatives, artificial dyes and flavorings, non-GMO.

Spring fruits

These are the fruits that first meet us after cold winter. Throughout Azerbaijan, these fruits are mainly cultivated everywhere but especially in Northern (cherry) and Southern and Western (strawberry) parts. Main sorts of strawberry are "San Andreas", "Portola", "Victoria", "Albion", "Monterey" which can be weighted 20-40 gr per each. For cherry, largely cultivated types are "Ziraat 0900" and "Napoleon". The number of cherry gardens with EU standards (HACCP, EUREPGAP) are increasing.

Summer fruits

Summer fruits are the ones which have long history for Azerbaijan. As having rich cultivation experience with these fruits, they are being harvested almost all parts of our motherland. For peach "Elbert", "Salami", "UFO" and for nectarine "Boston", "Victoria", "Krasnodares", "UFO" are the main sorts that are being cultivated especially in Northern part of Azerbaijan. On the other hand, Apricot is harvested mainly in Nakhchivan and has 2 main local sorts: "Badam arik", "Qirm1z1 yanaq".

Autumn fruits

Especially autumn fruits are considered strategic commodities for Azerbaijan as every year they are available in thousand tons. Our team has an exclusive experience on working with these fruits. For all these, there are many cold storage warehouses all over Azerbaijan and they enable the shelf life of the commodities to get longer. "Guloysha", "Valas", "Udullu", "Talibli" for pomegranate, "Rocco Brilliant", "Fuyu", "Round" for persimmon, "Pink Lady", "Gala", "Granny Smith", "Golden", "Red Delicious" for apple, "Santa Maria", "Forest Beauty" for pear are the mainly traded sorts for each fruit.


Vegetable cultivation are famous in almost all over Azerbaijan and the farmers are already mastered of doing it in greenhouses. This enables the market whole year active and to be able to supply foreign markets as well. Tomato being the top 4 exported product every year has a huge potential. Here, the main sorts are "Pink Paradise", "Kanka Bandit", "Teratron", "Mojitos" and "Rally". Cucumber, on the other hand, is highly demanded just because of its high quality. Moreover, all the greeneries can be supplied by airplanes as its freshest time.

Dried fruits

Azerbaijan has a long history of dried fruits. Our company offers handmade and industrial dried fruits and vegetables (especially dried greeneries). Handmade ones are made with the centuries long traditional experience of local people (specific for persimmon). On the other hand, in industrial way we mainly use relatively new technology - cold wind drying system. By this way, the product retains its all-natural ingredients and color. This new system is almost applicable to almost any kind of fruits and vegetables. Shelf Life - 12 months Storage temperature - 18-25 degrees Celsius


Many types of nuts have been an irreplaceable part of the people here in Azerbaijan. Especially for hazelnut Azerbaijan is located in the natural growing area and it is top 4 exported product of every year. These all nuts have local sorts unique for only Azerbaijan.

Why Azagro Holding?

Natural products

Our natural products are suitable for your health.

Individual packaging

We produce special packaging at the customer's request


100% natural, and made without adding of chemical preservatives, artificial dyes and flavorings, non-GMO.